Giant Pumpkin Genetics

(Emily Grayson, Marykate Jennings, Lizzie Guillaume, Joey Widden)

  • In 1996 and 1997, nearly a third of all over-700-pound pumpkins came from the 567.5-pound-pumpkin seed.
  • Different traits in a pumpkin's family tree decide the potential of a pumpkin's growth.
  • The two main factors that decide on the successfulness of your pumpkin are genetics and the conditions under which the plant is living.
  • In pumpkin genetics, orange is dominant and green in recessive. This is just like how humans have recessive/dominant traits.
  • The traits shown in a growing pumpkin plant are completely due to the female‚Äôs parents' genes and traits.
  • Each seed has DNA with traits specific to that particular seed; those traits are passed down to the next generation of pumpkins, and so on.
  • Color, size, and shape are determined by the genetics of a pumpkin seed

giant_pumpkins.jpgThis picture shows how giant pumpkin growers label their seeds with the weight in pounds of the pumpkin that the seeds came from. This can help future growers pick out the best options for their own patch.

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