Pumpkin Problems
· Striped cucumber beetle can damage roots and reduce crops and also causes bacterial wilt
· Spotted cucumber beetles are also a threat
· Squash vine borer moth
· Squash Mosaic Virus causes bacterial wilt
· Indications of viruses include discolored streaks on the plant and wilting leaves.
· Mildew can occur from over-watering
· Cucurbit Leaf Crumple Virus
· Insecticide
· Deer are a pest because they will eat full grown pumpkins
· Mice are also pests ;will eat into pumpkins and live inside of them
· Raccoons
· Skunks
· Rabbits
· The entire perimeter should be fenced off
· Plants should be covered with a protective frame, that will allow sunlight in, and allow airflow but block the wind.
· Weed the plant with your hands, and not a weedwacker.